Life Quest 2 - Metropoville free download full version

Unique and wonderful Strategy game Life Quest 2: Metropoville ! Move to Metropoville and begin a 12 step Life Quest program! Find a new rewarding career in this incredible Strategy game!

Upgrade your vehicle, purchase a cute pet, and even find true love as you move up the social ladder. Go from rags to riches and complete challenging quests and difficult objectives to earn cash that you can invest in yourself! A lot of different activities like taking classes, racing around the town, earning cash,working awesome jobs, enjoying your day and more are already waiting for you!

Do you want to show your best, get a career and become a successful man in Life Quest 2: Metropoville ? download full version for free Life Quest 2: Metropoville , enjoy your life there! Have fun !

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Win7
CPU: 1.2 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Size: 120 MB

How to Download from

When you click the download link from this blog, you'll be redirected to page. All you can do is wait for 5 seconds until the "Skip Ad" button appears at the top right of the page.

Then click that "Skip Ad" button to begin download the file.

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